Backpacking Europe Budget Planner

Backpacking Europe Budget Plan: Know How To make a Low-cost Europe Trip

Backpacking Europe Budget Planner: Backpacking Europe— that too on a low budget? The thought itself is traumatic? Isn’t it? But stop being intimidated anymore. We are here to save you! So, seat and relax. In this article, we’ve compiled a detailed roster of budget Europe backpacking planners sneak-peeking on all relevant corners in the most comprehensive way. Let’s begin drilling the core without redundant discussion.

Backpacking Europe Budget Plannings: everything In-A Nutshell

Travelling Europe or aiming for so is not like travelling to any other continent. The responsible factor behind the backdrop is the vivid natural and cultural diversities which ignite each place and take a different stance of glory for the continent. So, whenever you are intending on a pan-Europe tour be a solo traveller or in groups, you have to contemplate focal factors such as budget, accommodations, transportation, food, and other miscellaneous premises at the earliest. However, before onboarding with the core information, draw a succinct crux in a nutshell. 

Variations of Budget As Per Regions: As a continent, you can divide Europe into four zones; Eastern, Western, Central, and Nordic. Now note, Eastern and Central Europe; bordering from Austria to Slavic countries are the cheapest ones, charging $40 to $70 USD per day for every backpacker. While Western Europe is moderately cheaper that asks $70 to $100/day and Nordic countries i.e. Scandinavian countries are the most expensive one when per day touring costs stands at $100 to $200 on average. The regions of price-scale fluctuations rely on various factors such as demand, topography, economic feasibility, natural amicable, etc.

Variations of Budget As Per Connectivity & Accessibility: Connectivity and accessibility play crucial roles in determining the overall budget while travelling Europe. While Western Europe is pretty developed and well-connected with a slew of roads, city breaks, and enriched with all essentials of modern lifestyle, Eastern and Nordic Europe to some extent lack these qualities which undoubtedly impact the total cost.  

Variations of Budget As Per No. of Stays: Taking account of the number of stays is mandatory, especially when the idea is to carry out a low-budget Europe tour. As per expert globetrotters’ advice– it is always better to limit the travelling span ideally to 1 or 2 weeks for a low-budget Europe tour planning. Aiming to be better with the planning section you can read our latest blogs on 10-days in Europe on a budget.

Backpacking Europe Budget Planning By Regions

Backpacking Europe Budget

As already mentioned above that the whole of Europe is marked with four zonations, and finding cheaper places to stay floats on several factors. For example, being an overall cheap travel destination Eastern Europe offers a range of incredible budget hotels while Western Europe lists out affordable backpackers hostels and vice-versa. Therefore, deriving an overall budget estimation for all solo travellers seeking a low-budget Europe trip is a calculation of investing some minutes only.

Backpacking Eastern/ Central Europe Overall Cost Estimation

Project estimation of $40 to $50 per day expenditure before hitch-kick-out for Easter Europe travelling. Remember the cost derived is an overall summation of accommodation, food, and transportation. Miscellaneous costs are mostly excluded and so are the day-to-day expense variations. 

Further to this, the overall costing projection is applicable to all Eastern Europe countries namely Austria, Bulgaria, Romania, Georgia, Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Belarus, Moldova, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Albania, Kosovo, Macedonia, Greece, and Ukraine.

Backpacking Western Europe Overall Cost Estimation

As compared to Eastern Europe, Western Europe is moderately expensive. As an approximate value, it costs around $70 to $100/ per day incorporating food, accommodation, and other adhesive costs. Once again, real-time expenditure varies depending on several concurrent factors.

The list of countries that fall on the map of Western Europe are Italy, Spain, Portugal, France, Belgium, Netherlands, The United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, and Berlin. 

Backpacking Nordic Europe Overall Cost Estimation

Backpacking in Nordic Europe appears to be the most expensive one. Ironically, aiming to unriddle the possible reasons behind the abstractions, no stifle and accurate reasons have been found yet except, topographical ruggedness. Topographical obscurity acts as the main hindrance again smooth and fast connectivity. As a result overall per-day costs; be it for local residents or travellers get tickled up which is worth $150 to $200 per day for a backpacker.

As an piece of additional information, Nordic countries include Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden, and Iceland.  However, if you are interested in roaming the most expensive cities in Europe despite being confined yourself to a tight budget you are always welcome to indulge in your choices.

Backpacking Europe Budget Planning for Accommodations

Backpacking Europe Budget

Europe sways an enormous number of cheap accommodations embedding diverse options; hostels, hotels, apartments, personal houses, and many more. However, in the race of spotting cheap places to stay in Europe, hostels rank first among budget backpackers, while hotels are entitled as expensive choices and apartments are most sought after for group travellers. Amalgamating all such premises we’ve divided low-budget Europe accommodations into three categories which are as follows.

Hostels: Cheapest Accommodation Choices for Budget Backpackers

It is often found that backpacks lean more toward hostels than other accommodation options on their low-budget Europe tour. Despite being budget-effective another reason to be allured by hostels are the immense thrill of cross-cultural mixing which glazes backpackers’ souls with memories, and learnings. Since Europe puts forth a wide range of cheap hostels, we’ve picked some popular ones as per city and overall costs. 

  • London, UK: $30 – $50/ day
  • Paris, France: $40 – $50/ day
  • Lisbon, Portugal: $15 – $30/ day
  • Oslo, Norway: $90 – $100/ day
  • Athens, Greece: $10 – $30/ day
  • Split, Croatia: $10 – $40/ day
  • Bucharest, Romania: $10 – $30/ day
  • Budapest, Hungary: $15 – $30/ day
  • Berlin, Germany: $20 – $40/ day

Hotels: Preferable Among High-Budget Travellers 

Albeit, hotels are quite expensive and not popular among backpackers, yet sometimes no other option is left in front of travellers but reside a day in a hotel. This particularly happens to both big as well remote cities. Witnessing the factor we’ve tried enlist a tentative ideas of per day hostel accommodation cost.

  • London, UK: $80-$120/ day
  • Paris, France: $80-$120/ day
  • Lisbon, Portugal: $60 – $100/ day
  • Oslo, Norway: $110 – $160/ day
  • Athens, Greece: $60 – $90/ day
  • Split, Croatia: $80 – $110/ day
  • Bucharest, Romania: $50 – $80/ day
  • Budapest, Hungary:$40 – $90/ day
  • Berlin, Germany: $80 – $120/ day

**Note: look for the cheapest hotel offers from popular booking websites like booking.com, Kayak, Trivago, HRS, etc.

Apartments: Loved by Group Travellers

As its already been mentioned apartments are most opted by group travellers for two major reasons. One is spaciousness at low prices and the second is, embracing the feeling of like a ‘local’ not a ‘tourist’. With this, keep in mind that prices of apartments vary as per region and adhesive factors. So, to be upfront with accurate price tags, it’s better to make a knot with particular rental providers like Airbnb, HRS, etc.

Backpacking Europe Bugdet Planning for Food & Eateries

Backpacking Europe Budget

Food is that part for which even low-budget backpackers set a bit high value. Because you don’t know when you will be tantalized by a sumptuous platter. Plus there are additional factors. For example, after long and hectic sightseeing getting brewed in the kitchen just for two bowls is like kicking your own ass! Or being allured by a local street food hub while passing by is not a big deal. So, on average, you can keep $20 to $40 for food per day. Although we also suggest being flexible with self-cooked meals and nearby grocery shops to save extra bucks. Besides food, there are drinks for which you can add +$2 to $10. Europe has a fascinating warehouse of beer and wine. With this, you can save extra bucks on this shopping from groceries stores than in bars. 

Backpacking Europe Budget Planning for Transportation & Activities

Backpacking Europe Budget

Like food and accommodation, there is a wide option for transportation put forth by Europe at the cheapest prices. Followed by this, uncountable numbers of activities and sightseeing are also handy at stingy rates. On average per day transportation fare by local rides including bus and train costs around $15 to $20. In the case of intercity trips, the average fare costs $30 to $70. However, sightseeing costs vary as per the significance of the place. For example, 

  • Louvre Museum (Paris) charges $18/ day for a one-time visit
  • Centre Pompidou Museum (Paris) charges $18/ day for a one-time visit
  • Tower of London charges $37/day for a one-time visit
  • Van Gogh Museum (Amsterdam) charges $20/day for a one-time visit

Suggested readings

So, this was a succinct explanation of the Backpacking Europe budget planning. Hope you have found it relevant and useful prior to setting up the plan. However, while reading the article make sure to carry out your own research and refer to similar articles for better clarity. Side by side stay tuned with us for more updates. Enjoy and happy roaming without compromising extra bucks.

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