10 Awesome Places To Visit in Madagascar in 2023

10 Places To Visit in Madagascar: Madagascar, located on the bottom end of the eastern coast of Africa on the magnificent Indian Ocean, is a natural wonderland and ecological haven. This country has been settled by humans only recently, which has helped it to retain its unique biodiversity. Madagascar is home to thousands of plant and animal species found nowhere else in the world, making it deserving of the nickname “the eighth continent.” Malagasy culture values ancestry and tradition reflected in the country’s architecture, art, and social manners. A visit to Madagascar’s top tourist attractions will allow you to experience its natural, cultural, and historical diversity.

Top 10 Best Places To Visit in Madagascar for 2023

There is no need to underpin an explanation about Madagascar if you are geography-aware. It is one of the oldest islands in the Indian Ocean. Being, antediluvian with existence the whole of Madagascar is enriched with innumerable endangered as well as endemic species. From flora to fauna, it is indeed a paradise for endemic species. However, side-tracking all detailed information for a while, we’ve handpicked the 10 most distinct and awesome attractions in Madagascar that need special attention.


places to visit in madagascar

The first and very obvious place to visit in Madagascar is Ifaty. It is a stretch of two sun-kissed resorts, Ifaty and Mangily, formerly fishing villages located on the southwestern coast of Madagascar. Tourists flock to this area for its luxurious hotels, shining yellow sand beaches, world-class snorkelling, and catamaran tours on the Mozambique Channel. You can also encounter traditional reed villages of the coastal folk and sample uber-fresh fish curries.

Nosy Be

places to visit in madagascar

Nosy Be is a beautiful island located just a short distance from the town of Ambanja, offering Madagascar’s signature white sandy beaches. This island is home to little fishing villages like Ambatoloaka and Ambondrona, where you can experience stunning beaches dotted with palm trees. Beach parties erupt each Sunday along the sands of Madirokely, and for those looking for seclusion, the far-flung islet of Orangea is the perfect spot. Due to offering thousands of thrilling activities, Nosy Be is one of the popular tourist attractions in Madagascar.

Tsingy de Bemaraha

places to visit in madagascar

The Tsingy de Bemaraha is one of Madagascar’s most unusual natural treasures, characterized by a dramatic landscape of carved rocks, towering hoodoos, needle-like stone spires, and colossal monoliths. This geological wonder is located in the long green belt of nature reserves on the west coast of Madagascar, showcasing a rugged karst landscape with dry deciduous forests and rare rock habitats. The sweeping plateau within is a photographer’s paradise. Henceforth, the iconic place deserves to be visited at least once during your trip to Madagascar.

Ranomafana National Park

places to visit in madagascar

Ranomafana National Park is a natural jewel located in the heart of Madagascar’s eastern haunch, home to the famous golden bamboo lemur. Therefore, is a famous tourist attraction in Madagascar. The park’s forest-clad reaches sweep down from misty montane forests to lowland plains, and the territory is crisscrossed by mile upon mile of hiking trails, carved out by roaring waterfalls and peppered with multi-coloured lizards. A word of caution: Ranomafana’s biggest draws lie deep between the mountains and forests, so be sure to bring sturdy boots and strong legs for this one!

Isalo National Park

places to visit in madagascar

Isalo National Park, located just a short trip out of Toliara and Ihosy, is a beautiful patchwork of carved rock gorges, winding canyons, blooming oases, and palm groves. Designated in a protected area in 1962, this national park boasts extreme biodiversity and unique natural makeup. Visitors come to wonder at the windswept runiforme mountains, meet ring-tailed lemurs in the wild, and spot more than 80 species of endemic birds. Don’t miss the famous Canyon of Monkeys, home to dextrous sifakas inhabitants.


places to visit in madagascar

The capital of Madagascar, Antananarivo, is situated over 1,400 meters above sea level in the highland region of the country. It is not only a must-see attraction in Madagascar but your travelogue will sure be void if you exclude the capital! Although the city enjoys chilly mountain breezes throughout the year, the bustling cityscape is anything but cool, with constant traffic and lively marketplaces. The old heart of the city still showcases remnants of French colonialism, with elegant Parisian mansions that have become age-stained over time, cascading down a hillside. In addition to exploring old Malagasy palaces, visitors can also visit the famous Croc Farm and indulge in delicious spice-scented curry dishes.


places to visit in madagascar

Andasibe-Mantadia is easily accessible from the capital and is one of Madagascar’s most popular national parks, attracting day trippers from nearby. Spanning over 150 square kilometres, the park is home to lush, primaeval rainforest spread across two separate areas: de Mantadia Reserve and d’Analamazaotra Special Reserve. This park boasts an incredible range of biodiversity, including crawling inland crabs, diademed sifakas, and fluffy indri monkeys. With hiking paths ranging from one to six hours, visitors can fully immerse themselves in the park’s natural beauty.


places to visit in madagascar

Ambohimanga, also known as Royal Hill, holds a special place in the hearts of Malagasy people. Once the home of the local kings, this site comprises palaces, burial grounds, fortifications, and tombs. Throughout the 1800s, it was expanded and added to, becoming the most important part of one of Madagascar’s four quadrants. King Andrianampoinimerina launched his famous campaigns to reunify Imerina after more than seven decades of civil war in the 18th century from here. Today, visitors can take a day trip from the capital to explore the UNESCO World Heritage site, marvelling at the regal tombs, kingly courtrooms, and the exquisite timber and stone architecture of the Rova (settlement).

Zahamena National Park

places to visit in madagascar

Nestled amidst the rolling canopies of emerald green, shrouded in rainclouds and mist, and concealed between the rising peaks on Madagascar’s eastern edge, the stunning Zahamena National Park is a true gem. Covering a little over 400 square kilometres, it’s one of the most challenging protected areas in the country to access. However, it is worth the effort as it is home to a diverse array of birdlife. Red owls, serpent eagles, white-eyed indri, and dwarf lemurs, among other curious simian life, inhabit the waxen boughs and fern forests of this incredible park. Nearby towns, such as Vavatenina or Ambatondrazaka, are ideal for those seeking to visit these wilds. Henceforth, don’t miss this place on your vacation to Madagascar.


places to visit in madagascar

Keep Maroantsetra, at the last of your Madagascar trip which too requires much significant attention. Maroantsetra is an ancient town, is the perfect gateway to Masoala National Park and the wilds of Nosy Mangabe. Situated at the end of the Bay of Antongil in northeast Madagascar, it exudes an earthy and fascinating vibe, with a bustling marketplace filled with sweet-smelling fruits and multicoloured vegetables. Its crisscrossing streets of mud are lined with lean-tos made of tin shacks. The town’s charm is enhanced by the fact that it is where the meandering Antainambalana River meets the Indian Ocean. Maroantsetra is the ideal spot for those seeking a laid-back riparian experience. Therefore, conclude your trip after visiting the bay with a beautiful smile on your face.

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This was a concise overview of the top 10 Madagascar tourist attractions. Do give a hunt to at least a few of these places on your visit to this ancient island with flourishing endemic species. Besides these, there are plenty more names on the sideways. You can explore these at your stake. One thing, I can assure you before sailing for Madagascar is that both your pocket and itinerary would float in satisfaction as soon as you land on this tiny island of immense indigenous culture. So, cheers beforehand.

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