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Where to Get a Cup of Hot Chocolate on a Cold Day in Ulster County

As the temperatures drop and winter blankets Ulster County in a frosty embrace, there’s nothing quite as comforting and delightful as a steaming cup of hot chocolate. Whether you’re a local resident or a visitor exploring the scenic beauty of this region in New York, indulging in a cup of rich, velvety hot chocolate is a must-do on a cold day. In this article, we’ll guide you through the charming towns and hidden gems of Ulster County, where you can find the best spots to warm up with a cup of heavenly hot chocolate. From cozy cafes to artisanal chocolatiers, prepare to embark on a delightful hot chocolate journey through Ulster County.


ulster county travel guide

Known as the heart of Ulster County, Kingston boasts several cafes and bakeries where you can savor a delightful cup of hot chocolate.

a. Outdated Café: Located in the historic Stockade District, Outdated Café offers a cozy atmosphere and a selection of unique hot chocolate flavors, including salted caramel and Mexican spiced. Enjoy your cup of decadence alongside their homemade pastries.

b. Monkey Joe Roasting Co: For those seeking a true coffeehouse experience, Monkey Joe Roasting Co. in Kingston serves up exceptional hot chocolate made from single-origin chocolate and organic milk. Pair it with their freshly roasted coffee for a delightful combination.


ulster county travel guide

Nestled in the picturesque Catskill Mountains, Woodstock is a haven for artists, nature lovers, and hot chocolate enthusiasts. Here, you’ll find charming cafes and boutique shops serving up delicious concoctions.

a. Bread Alone Bakery: A visit to Woodstock isn’t complete without a stop at Bread Alone Bakery. Besides their renowned bread, they offer a heavenly hot chocolate made from locally sourced ingredients. Sit by the fireplace and savor every sip.

b. Fruition Chocolate Works: For a truly indulgent hot chocolate experience, head to Fruition Chocolate Works in Woodstock. This artisanal chocolate shop crafts their own chocolate from scratch, ensuring a rich and velvety cup of hot chocolate that will warm your soul.

New Paltz

ulster county travel guide

Home to a vibrant arts scene and nestled near the Shawangunk Mountains, New Paltz is a college town with a variety of cozy spots to enjoy a comforting cup of hot chocolate.

a. Mudd Puddle Café: Tucked away in a historic building, Mudd Puddle Café offers a cozy and welcoming ambiance. Their hot chocolate is made with organic, fair-trade chocolate and can be customized with a variety of flavors and toppings.

b. The Village TeaRoom: For a unique twist on hot chocolate, visit The Village TeaRoom in New Paltz. They serve a delightful lavender-infused hot chocolate that adds a touch of floral elegance to your winter beverage.

High Falls

ulster county travel guide

Located along the Rondout Creek, the small hamlet of High Falls boasts a charming café where you can enjoy hot chocolate amidst the serene beauty of nature.

The High Falls Café: Nestled in a converted barn, The High Falls Café offers a rustic and cozy atmosphere. Their hot chocolate is made from scratch using high-quality chocolate, and you can enjoy it while taking in the scenic views from their outdoor seating area.


ulster county travel guide

Tucked away in the Catskill Mountains, the quaint town of Phoenicia offers a few hidden gems where you can warm up with a cup of hot chocolate.

a. Sweet Sue’s Restaurant: Known for its hearty breakfast and brunch options, Sweet Sue’s Restaurant also serves a delectable hot chocolate that perfectly complements their famous pancakes and French toast. Treat yourself to a cozy meal and a comforting cup of hot chocolate at this local favorite.

b. The Phoenicia Diner: Stop by the iconic Phoenicia Diner, a restored vintage diner that has become a popular spot for locals and tourists alike. Indulge in their rich and creamy hot chocolate while taking in the nostalgic ambiance and rustic charm of this beloved establishment.


ulster county travel guide

Situated on the banks of the Hudson River, Saugerties is home to charming cafes where you can enjoy a cup of hot chocolate amidst the town’s quaint atmosphere.

a. Love Bites Café: Love Bites Café is a cozy and eclectic eatery in Saugerties that offers an inviting atmosphere and delicious hot chocolate. Pair your hot chocolate with one of their delectable desserts for the ultimate treat.

b. Lucky Chocolates: For chocolate lovers, a visit to Lucky Chocolates in Saugerties is a must. This artisanal chocolate shop not only offers a wide range of handmade chocolates but also serves a heavenly cup of hot chocolate made from their own chocolate creations. Indulge in the rich flavors and the warm ambiance of this delightful chocolatier.


ulster county travel guide

Rosendale, a charming town with a rich history, is home to a hidden gem where you can find a delightful cup of hot chocolate.

a. The Alternative Baker: Known for its delectable pastries and baked goods, The Alternative Baker in Rosendale also serves a delicious hot chocolate. Situated in a beautifully restored historic building, this bakery and café provides a cozy and inviting atmosphere for enjoying a warm cup of hot chocolate on a chilly day.


ulster county travel guide

Located at the foot of the Shawangunk Mountains, Ellenville is a charming village that boasts a hidden gem for hot chocolate enthusiasts.

a. Aroma Thyme Bistro: Aroma Thyme Bistro in Ellenville not only offers a diverse menu of farm-to-table cuisine but also serves up a delightful cup of hot chocolate. Made with high-quality chocolate and served in a cozy and inviting atmosphere, their hot chocolate is the perfect complement to a delicious meal.


ulster county travel guide

Situated near the breathtaking Shawangunk Ridge, Gardiner is a picturesque town with a cozy spot for enjoying a cup of hot chocolate.

a. Café Mio: Café Mio in Gardiner is a quaint café that offers a warm and welcoming environment. Their hot chocolate is made with care and attention to detail, ensuring a rich and satisfying experience. Sit by the fireplace or enjoy the outdoor seating area while sipping on your cup of hot chocolate.


ulster county travel guide

Nestled in the scenic Rondout Valley, Accord is a small hamlet that offers a hidden gem for hot chocolate lovers.

a. Arrowood Farms: Arrowood Farms in Accord is not just a brewery and farm, but also a great place to enjoy a cup of hot chocolate. Their farm-to-table philosophy extends to their hot chocolate, made with locally sourced ingredients for a truly flavorful experience. Visit their taproom and savor the unique blend of flavors in their delicious hot chocolate.


ulster county travel guide

Set against the backdrop of picturesque vineyards and orchards, Marlboro is a serene town that offers a delightful spot for hot chocolate enthusiasts.

a. The Falcon: The Falcon in Marlboro is not only a renowned music venue but also a great place to relax with a cup of hot chocolate. Their cozy atmosphere, friendly staff, and delicious hot chocolate make it a perfect spot to unwind and enjoy the winter ambiance.

Pine Bush

ulster county travel guide

Nestled in the Shawangunk Mountains, Pine Bush is a charming town that offers a hidden gem for hot chocolate connoisseurs.

a. The Cup and Saucer Diner: The Cup and Saucer Diner in Pine Bush is a beloved local spot that serves up comforting hot chocolate. Step into this nostalgic diner, cozy up in a booth, and indulge in a cup of hot chocolate that will warm your soul.

Ulster County is a haven for hot chocolate lovers, with each town offering its unique charm and cozy spots to savor this delightful winter treat. Whether you find yourself in Kingston, Woodstock, or one of the other hidden gems of Ulster County, you’re sure to discover a place where you can enjoy a cup of hot chocolate on a cold day. So bundle up, explore the beauty of Ulster County, and treat yourself to the rich and comforting flavors of hot chocolate in these charming locations.

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